Some of us are born as leaders. Some of us are born as followers. It’s the natural order of things. There will always be those who are more superior than others and they will be the leaders of the pack. The rest are happy to follow and be guided by those who are of higher standing – that’s the way of our World then, now and always!

I think you know by now that I am one of life’s leaders. Physically and mentally superior to many, I am a natural commander, dominant and controlling with an air of superiority about me. I’m not being arrogant about’s just how things are. Just look at my body; “adonis-like” is a phrase I hear often and it’s the correct assumption about Joshua Armstrong! I am covered with superior muscles everywhere with massive pecs, boulder shoulders and bulging biceps being just some of the qualities and attributes I have that make me an Alpha Male. You already know this and my new video entitled “YOUR PLACE IS BENEATH ME” proves that perfectly! You love looking up to me in every way – it’s your natural place. Click the link and watch the video and see just how powerful and superior I really am!

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