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I’m a gym addict, it’s true. I’ve been working out for years and soon after I started I was hooked on the buzz of feeling pumped up after a good session. I love to spend a few hours in the gym really working it hard and getting sweaty, then get home and satisfy my horny needs in front of my camera. When I started working out in my teen years I never would have realised all that effort would lead me to what I do now, but I really love that it has!

So I guess you’re wondering what this site is all about and what you get. Basically, you get me, showing off my body in my own muscle worship videos, dressing up in horny solo sessions for my dedicated fans, being as dirty and horny as possible and giving all you guys exactly what you want.

It’s about adoration, appreciation, submission and worship, and I’m the boss. I’m pretty well known these days for the kinds of videos I make, stripping down, oiling up, getting my big dick out and wanking off for the guys out there, or just making my fans cum with the tease while I flex my massive muscles and get you all stroking. No two videos are the same. Some are teasing performances where I tell you what I want, what to do, how I need you to please me, and others are full­on stroke shows and muscle flexing videos where I give a fan exactly what they wanted to see and fire off a heavy load with you.

There’s not a lot I won’t do for my fans. While I expect adoration from you I appreciate your needs too. Whether you want to see me dress up in a uniform and bark orders, soap up in the shower and rub one out, or show you how to work out properly with some motivational instruction, I’m ready to deliver. I’m adding new videos to the site all the time, several every week, I never stop. Check it out and take a look around, I’ll see you inside!

A long and solid builders cock

I don’t know if it’s my skills with these tools that does it for you or my size and strength, but whatever it is I can see that you’re turned on while I work hard in your kitchen. It’s a good thing it’s the middle of summer, it means I’m topless most of the time and you have the chance to admire my incredible body.

The sweat pours over my incredible chest and my rippling abs […]

So you like Muscle Men in Spandex?

You guys know I love all the attention. When I walk into a room I can feel all eyes on me, I know guys and girls are checking me out and amazed by my massive physique. I like showing it off, I used to just wear tight shirts and snug fitting shorts that really display my glutes, my incredible thighs and my big dick bulge, but these days I really love the feel of skin-tight […]

Sucking a bodybuilder like me takes obedience

When my buddy told me about you and how curious you were I wasn’t sure what I could do with you, but now you’re here in front of me it all becomes clear. You need to be directed, educated in the ways of worship and admiration. Sucking a bodybuilder cock isn’t easy, especially not when it’s as long and hard as mine, but with enough time and practice I can have you ready to be […]

Do you want my muscle man cum?

It was his first time, and I knew he’d been waiting for me to get home for more than an hour. I kept him waiting as long as possible, of course, the anticipation and expectation only makes a good long private performance even more exciting.

My muscle man cum load had been building all afternoon, my cock getting hard and then soft again, over and over, while thinking about how I could get him hooked. […]