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You want a Latex jack off session?

June 27th, 2017 4:53 am|Comments Off on You want a Latex jack off session?

All my mates have interesting little kinks about them. Every dude I know seems to have something that gets them hard and ready to cum. Whether it’s leather, wrestling singlets, food or toys, I’m always eager to explore it with them and have some fun – with me in control all the time, of course.

One of my mates got me into some great latex jack off sessions, he loves the smell of it, the feel of it on his skin, the sensation of a latex glove wrapped around his thick cock…

After one try I was into it too. I started exploring it and sharing the […]

Dominating my new muscle slave

June 22nd, 2017 6:54 am|Comments Off on Dominating my new muscle slave

I love it when a new muscle slave arrives to worship me, it gives me a chance to impress them and control them for the first time. I had a new guy arrive last week, a guy in his late 20’s with a fit body and a big cock. He’s new to it all but he knows what he likes and he really enjoys checking out massive men like me at the gym. I guess he’s curious, but after a session with me he’s going to be more than that.

Of course, there are no other men like me out there, and this guy soon discovered […]

Post-workout muscle cum edging

June 18th, 2017 1:40 pm|Comments Off on Post-workout muscle cum edging

It’s probably a good thing that I make videos the way I do these days, I get so worked up at the gym and the need to cum takes over so easily. I really need that release every day, sometimes several times a day! A good muscle cum edging after a workout is the best way to satisfy my needs and reward myself for a good session too.

It’s one of the things I teach my best personal training clients. After one or two sessions of giving them the basics all about diet, stretching and relaxing, I get into the whole ethos of rewarding yourself for […]