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Muscle Top Domination

October 11th, 2019 7:34 am|Comments Off on Muscle Top Domination

Most of the dudes I meet are the curious type, the dudes who’ve been admiring my muscle from a distance before finally giving in and submitting to their craving for Alpha cock. They might have dome some shit with a buddy once or twice and they’ve probably thought about getting fucked by a real man, but most are just down for groping, wanking and sucking.
Then there are dudes like Jake.

He’s a total bottom, just don’t tell his girlfriend, or his boyfriend. Yeah, he puts it about a bit, but although I think his boy and girlfriend know about each other they don’t know that he […]

Help me get my muscle cum splashing

September 28th, 2019 11:08 am|Comments Off on Help me get my muscle cum splashing

Is there anything better than evening in with a buddy, porn playing on the TV and cocks loaded with muscle cum needing to be pumped? No, I think that’s the perfect way to spend some time when you’ve invited a workout buddy over.

He tells his girlfriend it’s gaming night and that there’s a group of us, but really it’s just me and him and our rock hard bodies and dicks. It’s a real bromance, but there’s no doubt who’s in charge. He loves to feel my body, even though he’s ripped himself he loves taking the time to grope every inch of me, kissing my […]

Turned on by my big sexy biceps

September 20th, 2019 7:45 am|Comments Off on Turned on by my big sexy biceps

You might think it’s bragging but I’m gonna say it anyway, guys are always checking me out. Doesn’t matter if I’m at the pub, at the gym or at work, I’m always catching guys watching me. When I catch guys checking me out at the gym it’s usually when they’re watching me in the showers, hard and stroking it a little. When I’m at the pub or at work, it’s usually my big sexy biceps or my tight arse that gets the staring.

Last week it was my arms, and the dude admitted it. I stopped by work out of hours to pick something up and […]