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Pounded by a bodybuilder top cock

May 22nd, 2017 4:47 pm|Comments Off on Pounded by a bodybuilder top cock

When I’ve been pushing it hard at the gym with all those jealous and horny guys checking me out I can think about after is fucking some tight hole and shooting a big load.

I get to a point where all I can think about is satisfying my cock, it’s so hard and I know other guys can see it. When I get into the locker room I can show it off, proudly displaying my hard dick in the showers and getting other guys hard too.

One look at my muscle dick standing veiny and strong is enough to make every other cock in sight stiff.

It’s great […]

Alpha Muscle Domination Wrestling

May 21st, 2017 3:26 am|Comments Off on Alpha Muscle Domination Wrestling

We don’t have wrestling in the UK the way it is in the US, it’s not much of a sport here and definitely not mainstream outside of pro wrestling on the TV, but that never stopped me from enjoying it with some buddies and making guys submit to my will in a session of muscle domination wrestling.

One of my buddies, almost as big as me, loves to put me to the test and challenge me on the mat. No matter how hard he tries he always loses. He’s a big guy, real powerful, but he can’t compete against me and my strength.

I like to get […]

I’m your leather muscle hunk

May 17th, 2017 5:03 pm|Comments Off on I’m your leather muscle hunk

Leather has always been a big thing for horny guys looking to get off with each other. So many guys I love to perform for really get off on me being their leather muscle hunk, showing off my incredible body and teasing them into a climax.

While other guys wear chaps and caps and all the predictable things you see at parades and clubs, I like to be a little more subtle about it. I love wearing my leather jacket against my massive muscled body, using it to slowly reveal more.

When I have a guy in front of me and all I’m wearing is my leather […]