The Adventures of Joshua Armstrong...


Muscle Gym Posing Buddy

Is it sadistic to join in when a guy at the gym is taking photos of himself in the locker room mirror? I have to admit I like doing it, just rocking up beside them and posing, my massive muscles putting them to shame. I get some interesting responses from guys, but the best ones are the guys who start checking me out. A few weeks ago I did that to a lad who's clearly [...]

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Muscle Jock Worship

When my boss told me I had to do some more training for some new products we were going to supply I was a little bit worried, but when the guy turned up to teach us I could tell straight away that this was gonna be easier than I thought. The small team of six were supposed to have a couple of group meetings and that would be it, a little test at the end [...]

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Alpha Muscle Face Fucked

I knew he was looking for something the first time I saw him at the gym a couple of months ago. When you look the way I do you get that a lot, sometimes it's jealousy, other times it's arrogance from guys who stupidly think they could put me down, then there's the men who are totally confused by their adoration and lust to see me naked. This man was the latter. The second time [...]

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Cum Eating Muscle Dom

I don't know if you know this, but there are a few cum eating muscle men out there who swear that swallowing their own jizz gives them a boost. Most guys never mention it, of course, but there are a few men I know who talk about it quite a lot. I guess I should say that they're horny fuckers who are always getting their dicks out and having a wank, so I guess it's [...]

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