Drenched By A Hung Muscle Man

You might think it’s strange, but now and then I like to be the one under the control of someone else. Even Alpha men like me enjoy being told what to do occasionally, but only when it’s someone who really knows what they’re doing.

I would consider my mate Callum to be one of those guys. He’s not as big as me but he’s powerful, huge shoulders and pecs, and he’s got a big nine inch cock that he loves to show off. He’s down to be controlled and dominated too, he really likes being made to swallow my cum, but in order to get my way when I want it I sometimes have to give a little.

The last time the hung muscle man was at my place we got into a real good session of worship. I thought it was gonna be a mutual thing, just the two of us exploring our bodies and showing off for each other before jacking it and pumping our loads out, but he took the lead early on and after ordering me to suck his nipples and lick his pits he had me rubbing his cock.

It’s a fucking awesome cock though, I admit it. He likes how hard my dick gets when he’s being ordered to worship me and suck it, but feeling his fat meat in my hand and licking his big swollen tip gets me so fucking worked up I could probably start splashing my load out without even touching my own stiffy.

He knows where the limits are. He enjoys making a session like that last so I was on my knees for almost an hour just slowly tonguing his foreskin and stroking his length in my face, obediently following orders knowing that it would score me some points for the next time I want to fuck his face.

Callum is the kind of hung muscle man who really gets off on big cum shots, I’ve met a few guys like him and I knew when the time came he would really drench me with it. By the time we were done he’d shot right over my head and in my face, I had his load pouring out all over me, down my chest, flowing like a river between my pecs. I used some of his cum on my cock and covered his feet with my cream, too.

There was so much of it the room stank of semen!
I’m meeting up with him again real soon and I can’t wait to properly take control of him. I’m gonna see if I can use a dildo in his hole and get him closer to letting me fuck him 🙂

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