The Adventures of Joshua Armstrong...


Wrestling With My Muscle Buddies

You know what it's like with guys like me, working out gets us all horny all the time. I'm special, unique, one of the biggest of all my mates, but they're all just as horny and open to all kinds of crap all the time. They're not the kind of guys to be shy about anything and when we get together for a few drinks without their wives or girlfriends things can get pretty interesting. [...]

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Insane Poppers Jerk Off

After I told him how good a poppers jerk off session could be I knew he was interested. He'd never done anything like this before and although I thought he would be one of those guys into jerking it with other dudes we'd never met up for a session. He always used to look at my like he was turned on and a few times I saw him in the showers at the gym nursing [...]

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Lick up my bodybuilder cumshot

Okay, you're finally getting your wish. I'm so bored with you pestering me, begging to see my hard cock and feel my incredible body, I'm gonna give you what you want, but in exchange you have to obey my rules. If you want to explore my massive muscled body you have to lick up my bodybuilder cumshot when I demand. What? You weren't expecting to have to do that? Well, that's the price you have [...]

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An Alpha muscle master cock for his ass

It was a long week, I was so stressed and I just needed to get off and really fuck someone. When you're an Alpha muscle master like me and you have the kind of reputation I have you don't have to try too hard to get some ass. All I did was send one guy who'd been begging for my dick a message and he was getting in his car to come over. I'd been [...]

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