The Adventures of Joshua Armstrong...


Martin Loves Muscle Dick Domination

I never told you about Martin, did I? He's one of the many guys I've met through doing what I do although he wasn't at the gym, he was at the place I get my protein. We just started talking about supplements and the like and after a few times meeting up he came over to my place. There aren't many guys who are as big as me but Martin comes close. He doesn't have [...]

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Ab Punching Makes Me Cum!

Mike came back to me for another session recently. I knew he'd be back after I drenched him with my alpha cum last time he visited. This time he was looking to give me some good ab punching and see how much I can take. It might sound like a brag but my abs are solid, and even though Mike is a pretty big guy (not as big as me, obviously) he was gonna hurt [...]

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Showered With Alpha Cum

I find guys all over the place, men who can't stop staring at my body and power. If I go to the club guys will be checking me out discreetly, but when I'm at the gym and my muscles are really on show I get a lot more attention. It's even better when I hit the showers, I always have at least one dude staring while I put on a show and flex for them. [...]

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Sweat-Loving Muscle Cock Sucker

You know, years ago I had no idea that guys were into all these different things. One of the biggest surprises for me was learning that some men love damp pits and ball sweat. One of the first guys who got me into all that stuff was Mike, he was a big guy like me but a few years older. Surprisingly he was married, but they had some kind of understanding. It worked out well [...]

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