The Adventures of Joshua Armstrong...


Surfer Bottom Buggered Hard

He'd never done anything like it before, but he was mesmerized by my physique. His hands seemed to have a life of their own, he was almost helpless to stop them while they slid the sun cream over my bulging biceps and mountainous pecs, slipping down over my abs to where my red shorts his my growing cock. It had all started with a simple greeting while he passed on the beach, his "G'day, mate" [...]

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The Smell Of Alpha Men

Like a lot of guys, I love the smell of the locker room and showers. When I started training years ago it wasn't even on my radar, then I met a guy who explained to me why he gets so hard the second he walks in there. He told me he timed his workouts to coincide with a group of Alpha men, real bodybuilder guys, because walking into the locker room right after them meant [...]

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Muscle Gym Posing Buddy

Is it sadistic to join in when a guy at the gym is taking photos of himself in the locker room mirror? I have to admit I like doing it, just rocking up beside them and posing, my massive muscles putting them to shame. I get some interesting responses from guys, but the best ones are the guys who start checking me out. A few weeks ago I did that to a lad who's clearly [...]

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Muscle Jock Worship

When my boss told me I had to do some more training for some new products we were going to supply I was a little bit worried, but when the guy turned up to teach us I could tell straight away that this was gonna be easier than I thought. The small team of six were supposed to have a couple of group meetings and that would be it, a little test at the end [...]

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