Smoking hot muscle man

I know smoking is bad for you, but I love the head rush it gives me, and the way it makes you so compliant. When you see me with a massive fat cigar in my hand you're instantly horny for a good show and I'm more than happy to oblige, as long as you give me your undivided attention. As the smoke flows around me I get more and more turned on, and so do [...]

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Suck my slippery muscle cock!

I'm an experienced man, I know what gets me cumming and what makes me unload like a porn star. After pushing it hard at the gym all I can think about is satisfying my throbbing, veiny cock, so it's a good thing you're here to help out and give me the kind of admiration I demand. I haven't even had a shower yet, my massive body is till damp with sweat, but soon I'm gonna [...]

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Take my muscle dom dick!

Don't step up unless you can take it, I should get that printed on a t-shirt to wear at the gym every damn day. I always get guys approaching me and acting all macho, but they're really little bitches who don't know what they're getting themselves into. Last month I had a guy come up and give me some attitude, but I knew what was behind it. When big guys like that start to get [...]

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Join me for a sneaker jerk off session

You guys know that I have a lot of horny interests, kinky things that really get my juices flowing, and I know a lot of my worshipers get off on all these things too. One of the hottest things for me is jerking off and making a hot gooey mess using new things to make it more interesting. I only found out a few months ago that I really get off on jerking my dick [...]

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