Swallow My Alpha Cum

I'm good at a lot of things, but knowing when a guy wants something is one of my natural talents. I was in the showers at the gym when I met James for the first time. He was in the little cubicle opposite me and watching. I never close that curtain when I'm in there, I like it when the dudes opposite leave theirs open to watch me. Even though he tried to pretend he [...]

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VPL – Cock Bulge Is Irresistible

When you've got a body like mine you tend to want to show it off in some real tight clothing. It used to be that I couldn't find clothes big enough to fit me the right way, but these days I enjoy the looks I get from other guys, especially when they're checking out my cock bulge in some tight shorts. I love the feel of something tight against my skin, especially when it comes [...]

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