Swallow My Alpha Cum

I’m good at a lot of things, but knowing when a guy wants something is one of my natural talents. I was in the showers at the gym when I met James for the first time. He was in the little cubicle opposite me and watching. I never close that curtain when I’m in there, I like it when the dudes opposite leave theirs open to watch me.

Even though he tried to pretend he wasn’t watching me I could tell he was. I waited until he left for the locker room and followed. It was quiet enough in there that I could go right up to him and menacingly ask why he was watching me. I let my towel drop so my cock was resting against his thigh.

He mumbled something about appreciating the work I put into my body but when I looked down his cock was rising up. The head of his dick bumped up against my balls and I told him he needed to follow me home if he wanted tips on how to bulk up.
That’s all it took. Fifteen minutes later he was standing in my living room naked and hard while I checked out his body. He’s 21, and he’s a footballer, but he’s got some muscle on him already. Good pecs, nice abs, good arms and some nice traps on him too. Nothing like me of course, but he’s doing something right at least. Needs to work more on his chicken legs.
I gave him the usual stuff about working out and eating right, then I got into the reward and psychological stuff, how he should never cum unless he’s worked out and pushed himself further.

I took off my tank top and tugged my shorts down, my cock bulging out of my little underwear. His cock was just bouncing in front of me so I gave it a little slap and then got my dick out to frot with him. I thought he might cum straight away so I took it slow. I could tell he’d suck my cock if I wanted it (and I did, obviously) so I ordered him to the floor.
Sometimes when I tell a guy that swallowing alpha cum helps them bulk up they don’t believe me, but most of the time they don’t care even if they think it’s bullshit. I think James is one of those guys, I could tell he wasn’t convinced but he was thirsty anyway and when a lad like that is desperate for visible gains they’ll try anything.

I shoved my cock in his face and ordered him to suck it. He said he’d never done it before but I told him he’d pick it up quickly enough. All guys do, and James was no different. As he sucked the tip of my cock he grabbed his own dick and started wanking. After just ten seconds of my cock in his mouth he was sucking on it, licking my nuts, rubbing my helmet on his cheek and swirling his tongue around it like it’s the most delicious lollipop he’s ever had!

By the time I was making him gag on my cock and unloading my alpha cum down his neck he’d already shot his load up himself and he was dripping with jizz. I made sure he swallowed every drop of my seed before sliding my cock out, then he licked it clean and I scooped up as much of his load as I could and made him lick it from my hand too.
He had a great time, they always do.

I sent him an article about bodybuilders eating their own cum for extra protein and told him I know a few other “donors” like me who like to help out a guy just starting out. He texted me back asking to meet them.

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