The smell of sweat and cum

If you're one of those guys who walks into a locker room and instantly gets hard thanks to the smell of sweat, testosterone and cum then you would probably love to have a special delivery from me, right? I'm working on a very special package for a very special friend, a horny fan who loves to stroke his cock while he breathes in the scent of my massively powerful body. He can't be here with [...]

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Horny burglar stealing cum!

Everyone fears waking up in the middle of the night and finding an intruder in their home, but if you woke up and found me there you'd be getting more of a surprise than you might think! I'm the burglar, the horny man who found a way in and got caught, but you won't be calling the cops. Most burglars are after whatever they can find, but I need more than most. Don't worry, I'm [...]

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A businessman’s muscle wank

Business meetings can be so boring, we all know it. I have a few ideas about how I would love to liven them up, and I could probably get away with it too seeing as no one can ignore my massive muscles and my raging cock when they see it all on show. Imagine being in the meeting when I walk in wearing my thick wool coat. You can see my massive thighs but you [...]

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Military muscle sex on the down-low

We all know it goes on in the military. When you get so many men together in one place and the only way they can get off is either using their hand or turning to each other for some down-low satisfaction you end up with loads of guys sharing their dicks. They'll find any excuse to get their rocks off too; whether it's daring each other to jerk off a buddy, coming to a mutual [...]

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