The art of sexual attraction and seduction. We all have it. We use it without even knowing. It’s part of our primal instincts. We see someone we want and we do all we can to get hold of them! I’m exactly the same as you in that respect; when someone catches my eye I do everything I can to make them mine. I can also see the signals from other people too. I know when someone wants JOSHUA ARMSTRONG!

The look in their eyes. The way they lick their lips. The coy glances they make over and across my face and body wherever we may be. Their aching to see more of me – my dinner plate PECS, bulging TRAPS, massive QUADS and more! This video shows exactly what I can do when it comes to muscular, verbal and dominating seduction when my thoughts are the same. It’s not only my “MUSCULAR HAIRY PECS” that are on offer here but every other inch of my incredible physique too! Come and see exactly what I am able to achieve in the art of seduction. maybe I’ll be seducing you very soon too….

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