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There's a lad down my way who likes to think he's all that. He's one of those lads who stands around outside his mates house with his hands down his trackies playing with his dick like no one can see him. I walked past him last week and said "you still looking for that dick of yours?" He was soon following me, fearless but no social skills as he went from being an abusive prick [...]

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Poppers Make My Bodybuilder Boner Dripping Wet

I'd been waiting all day for my appointment with this new guy, knowing that he was going to be a good one to control. I'd already met up with a couple of other guys that afternoon but I'd been holding my cum back, making them worship me, making them jizz for me like a good slave should. Finally he arrived and my cock was straining to be released. My boxer shorts were soaking wet and [...]

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Worship my muscle dom cock

To most guys you're probably fit, a dominant kinda guy, the one everyone looks up to and wishes they could be more like. Guys probably see you and they think you work out a lot, you go running, you spend a lot of time toning up that body in the gym and as a result plenty of them probably lust after you. But then you're standing next to a real man like me and in [...]

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So much wrestler cum

When guys see me for the first time they often think I'm a massive mountain of muscle with little flexibility, but they would be wrong. I might be a gigantic man with incredible power, but I can grapple on the mat with the best of them and use my immense size to overpower anyone. If you're planning to step up to me and take me on you better know before hand that when I win [...]

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