The Smell Of Alpha Men

Like a lot of guys, I love the smell of the locker room and showers. When I started training years ago it wasn't even on my radar, then I met a guy who explained to me why he gets so hard the second he walks in there. He told me he timed his workouts to coincide with a group of Alpha men, real bodybuilder guys, because walking into the locker room right after them meant [...]

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Muscle Gym Posing Buddy

Is it sadistic to join in when a guy at the gym is taking photos of himself in the locker room mirror? I have to admit I like doing it, just rocking up beside them and posing, my massive muscles putting them to shame. I get some interesting responses from guys, but the best ones are the guys who start checking me out. A few weeks ago I did that to a lad who's clearly [...]

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Muscle Jock Worship

When my boss told me I had to do some more training for some new products we were going to supply I was a little bit worried, but when the guy turned up to teach us I could tell straight away that this was gonna be easier than I thought. The small team of six were supposed to have a couple of group meetings and that would be it, a little test at the end [...]

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