Muscle Jock Worship

When my boss told me I had to do some more training for some new products we were going to supply I was a little bit worried, but when the guy turned up to teach us I could tell straight away that this was gonna be easier than I thought. The small team of six were supposed to have a couple of group meetings and that would be it, a little test at the end and we would be done, but I could tell by the way the guy was looking at me bulging out of my shirt that there was an opportunity.

I stuck around after one meeting and asked him if he might have time for a little one-on-one teaching. You should have seen his face! It was like he got an instant stiffy in his jeans. He said he’d be happy to give me some extra pointers in private if I might show him how he could improve at the gym and work on his training. He was one of those wiry athletic guys, but he had goals of putting on some real muscle.

I agreed, of course. I knew it was really gonna be about showing off my massive muscled body and the exchange of ideas was just a pretext. That night he came over and within just ten minutes he was sitting on my couch with a stack of paperwork basically filling it all in for me while I flexed and posed in front of him.

It took him about half an hour to do my work for me (he said it would normally take ten minutes but my posing show in my tight little underwear was too distracting) and I by the time he was done I was oiled up and glistening, my cock leaking pre in my shorts.

I’d given up on even trying to pretend it was about helping him out by that point, it was all about the muscle jock worship session and we both knew it. I told him to get his cock out and he did as he was told, he was so hard I thought he might start cumming any second. I made him strip and pose for me, and he looked pretty good, but nothing like my massive size of course.

I made it mostly about comparing, showing him how puny he was against me, that’s when I got my cock out, so we could line them up against each other and see who was bigger. I won that, too, although his dick was bigger and his balls were lower than mine.

He’d done a good job for me so I decided that it wasn’t just gonna be a tease show, he could have what he wanted. I knew he wasn’t experienced, and when he grabbed my cock and started wanking me off like I instructed it wasn’t long before he was close to splashing his load out all over. I ordered him to hold it back and he did as he was told while I stroked his dick for him, rubbing our cocks together, chest-to-chest while our meat slid around between us. All I had to do was whisper in his ear that he had to cum and he was moaning, I could feel his cock splashing cum up our abs between us and my dick just fucking exploded.
We were drenched in cum by the end of it all, but we both got what we wanted. See, nerds and muscle jocks have a symbiotic friendship – we both have something the other wants and we can always come to an arrangement.

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