The Smell Of Alpha Men

Like a lot of guys, I love the smell of the locker room and showers. When I started training years ago it wasn’t even on my radar, then I met a guy who explained to me why he gets so hard the second he walks in there. He told me he timed his workouts to coincide with a group of Alpha men, real bodybuilder guys, because walking into the locker room right after them meant the place was filled with their manly funk, and he always got the chance to see their big dicks bulging and throbbing in the showers after.

I was already pretty big when I met him, and still working things out, but I soon discovered he was right and my dick really liked it too. It was a small gym, a tiny locker room with big open showers so there wasn’t much chance of any privacy or shyness. It meant the smell was concentrated, balls and cum and sweat, that’s what it was like. If you can imagine wearing a jock strap for three or four days and then just breathing it in, that’s the kind of sexy stink the place had.

The first time I walked in there with him after those guys I was addicted to it. It had the same effect on my cock as it seemed to everyone else’s. My dick sprang up, but there was no reason to be shy about it. The showers were just full of muscled alpha men all joking and talking while pretending their cocks weren’t rock hard. Me and my buddy showered at one end, watching the five other guys opposite soaping up and talking about pussy while their cocks bounced around and they stole glimpses of dick, giving their own a little tug now and then.

It’s probably no surprise that guy who got me into the smell of Alpha men was really into licking my pits and drinking my loads. He was real good at working my meat, making me get verbal and aggressive. One of the hottest times we had was when I went to his place after the gym and one of his other buddies was there. I made them wrestle on the floor for an hour before deciding they could both suck my cock and they had to share my load. His place reeked of sweat, precum and semen after that session and it was so fucking hot I get hard just thinking back to it, watching them licking my cock and wanking each other, my load splashing out over both their faces while they vied to get as much in their mouths as they could, their own cocks splashing cream all over my feet.

The next time you go to the gym pay attention to the smell when you walk into the locker room or the showers. I recommend going in the evening for the best funk, and preferably after a few guys like me have been in there to drip sweat and pre (and sometimes cum) all over.

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