Jerk Off Encouragement With Poppers

There's a lot you can do with a submissive guy who's totally powerless in the presence of such a massive Alpha man as me. You probably know that already though, you're likely the kind of guy who wouldn't be able to say no to whatever I told you to do when you have me in front of you showing off every inch of my massive body, flexing it all and posing for the appreciation and [...]

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Smokey Male Muscle Domination

You don't have a choice, you have to stand there and take it while I blow smoke in your face and tell you how horny I am. This is how my male muscle domination sessions are, it's all about what I want and right now I want to get off while knowing how much you need my dick. But you can tell already what I'm all about, my massive god-like body is bulging and glistening [...]

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He can’t resist my aggressive muscle cock

When I opened the door to him wearing almost nothing I could tell he was impressed by my massive muscled body. He tried to keep his eyes up but I could see they were straying down to the growing bulge of my aggressive muscle cock straining at the front of my tight shorts. He was canvassing to sell new bathrooms, but he definitely got more than he expected when he knocked on my door. He [...]

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Fleshlight fucking and cumming hard!

You guys know I love my toys, especially the sleeves and strokers I can really fuck and slam my bodybuilder dick into. I have a lot of them, some of them you've seen and some of them you haven't. A few of my buddies have shared them with me in the past too, but that's a story for another day. Although I really love some good slippery skin-on-skin contact when I'm wanking my big rock [...]

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