Always follow the orders of an Alpha male

Last month I met up with a dude who claimed he was just curious about things and thought he wanted to worship a proper alpha. I'm always down for that so I arranged for him to come over one night and let him explore my body while I gave him orders. I knew he was a pretty big guy himself (they usually are) and I think he's got a few guys he likes to dominate [...]

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Straight muscle buddies cum

I don't like shy guys much, I don't trust 'em. When I see a guy in the gym showers hiding his dick I judge him, I can't help it. Real men aren't scared to show it all off, they're not ashamed of their manhood and they don't hide their stiffy from other guys. I guess my attitude to being a proud Alpha male is why I have so many mates who aren't shy about shit [...]

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How I became a muscle man show off

I guess it's obvious that I've been a muscle man show off for a while, but I wasn't always this way. When I was younger I was weak, skinny, insignificant. After playing footie with my mates I would be the shy one in the showers while they would be swinging their dicks around and laughing, talking about sex and getting stiff. My attitude started to change when I really got into working out. My body [...]

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New To Male Bodybuilder Worship

Sometimes you hear from a guy who says he's really into male bodybuilder worship and gets started down the path of meeting up for a session, then one day they disappear and you never hear from them again. I thought that was gonna happen with Mike when he started texting me, but I was wrong. It took a few weeks of him sending me messages and dick pics, telling me how amazing he thought my [...]

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