Straight muscle buddies cum

I don’t like shy guys much, I don’t trust ’em. When I see a guy in the gym showers hiding his dick I judge him, I can’t help it. Real men aren’t scared to show it all off, they’re not ashamed of their manhood and they don’t hide their stiffy from other guys. I guess my attitude to being a proud Alpha male is why I have so many mates who aren’t shy about shit like that.

I’ve got a few straight muscle buddies who like showing off, just like me. They might not be as big as I am but they’re proud of what they’ve got and they don’t care if other guys see it.

One of them always gets hard in the showers, without fail. He’s got a bit of a reputation for being caught wanking one out at the gym but other guys know the deal and we can get away with it as long as we’re careful. That’s actually how we got started wanking out our loads together.

If you work out like we do you know the first thing most guys need to do after a good session is shoot off some cum, and when the opportunity arrives you take it. He caught me rubbing one out in the showers so he went with it and we just kinda watched each other stroking, shooting off a couple of big loads at the same time.

The next time we got a little closer and talked dirty for a bit while we stroked. The time after that we gave each other a few strokes and slapped our dicks around. I know he’s used to watching porn with some of his other mates but I think that was the first time he’d actually touched another cock and it was only a few seconds before he was gushing cream out all over my dick. I don’t think I’d ever used another guys cum as lube before that either, but it did the job.

Things just kind of escalated from there. These days we meet up maybe a couple of times a month to properly bate together.

He’s still into pussy and his girlfriend has no idea about his masturbation habits but he really likes to spend time edging his cock, stroking mine and being wanked off. I have to take it easy with him because as soon as I really start talking dirty and frotting our dicks he’s moments away from pumping out his load.

Last week we met up after the gym to come back to my place and jerk off and he managed to last a good half an hour while I was saying some of the dirtiest shit you’ve ever heard, spitting on his cock and rubbing our meat together. In the end it was the sight of my solid shaft squirting off a fountain of cum up in the air and splashing over his cock that got him exploding too.

It’s great having a few straight muscle buddies like that who know what the deal is, just lads being horny lads and satisfying their horny wank needs with each other.

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