Always follow the orders of an Alpha male

Last month I met up with a dude who claimed he was just curious about things and thought he wanted to worship a proper alpha. I’m always down for that so I arranged for him to come over one night and let him explore my body while I gave him orders. I knew he was a pretty big guy himself (they usually are) and I think he’s got a few guys he likes to dominate on the side, but I could tell that he was interested in being totally owned by a bigger guy.

When he came in I was already shirtless and had some things on the table ready for us to use. He really was a big guy, pretty strong, not as big as me of course, but if we had to get into it he would probably put up a pretty good fight.

He had an arrogant attitude about him, like he didn’t want to be there, but I knew that was just part of his role play, he’s used to being in control of other guys most of the time. He was quiet, but he was following orders when I gave them. I made him strip naked and as soon as he tugged his trackies down over this thigh thighs his uncut cock bounced up and slapped his abs.

I gave him a few minutes of critiquing, walking around his muscled body and picking out the things I thought he needed to work on. He responded with “yes sir” every time. I already knew that he was hoping to get totally dominated by me, but you guys know I like the game and I enjoy making guys come back for more on a promise that things will get more interesting.

He eyed the toys on my table. I planned to put on a fleshlight show while he wanked off and fucked his hole with a toy.

I ordered him to lube me up and he obliged, oiling every part of my body. I’d been edging my cock for an hour already so when he got started on my dick, rubbing my meat in his hands, I had to order him to slow down and turn his attention to my glutes. He obeyed, of course, but I knew he really wanted me to fuck him.

I made him lay on the floor and slide a butt plug into his arse. He obeyed that instruction too, even though he struggled with it. It’s not a big toy but I knew he was tight. Like I said, he’s not used to being the one getting it.

He watched and wanked his fat cock while I licked out the hole of the fleshlight, telling him that next time it might be his arse. I knelt over him, straddling his body and resting my slippery nuts on his chin while I slid the fleshlight down on my cock, making him lick my scrotum and taint.

That was the moment he defied me, and I wasn’t impressed.

I told him to stop playing with his cock while I put on my fleshlight performance for him but he ignored me. I grabbed his arm to stop him from wanking but it was too late, his cock started splashing cum out all over his abs and up my back while his moans were muffled by my nuts in his mouth.

He really shot a big load too, it was dripping all down my spine to my arse, I guess he’d been holding it back all day.

I think he was still expecting me to fuck him at that point but I was pretty annoyed that he’d defied me on our very first meeting. I slid the toy off my cock and started wanking faster, my slippery fist sliding up and down on my dick while he looked up at me and licked my scrotum, sucking my balls into his mouth and rolling them around one at a time.

I started squirting, ropes of cum pumped out of my dick and I drenched his hair and face with my load. I think he was surprised there was so much of it. When I got off him and he sat up he started licking my load from his face, still wanking his cock with his free hand. I guess he was expecting to carry on but I made it clear that he defied me and he wasn’t getting another load that night.

He’s been back since, and it seems he learned his lesson and worked out that if he wants me to properly own him he needs to obey.

Alpha males like me don’t take shit from anyone, either follow orders or go somewhere else.

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