Hotel room muscle fucker

What is it about hotel rooms that gets men horny as fuck? It seems to me loads of guys experience it, it’s like going into a locker room or the showers at the gym, something about these places just gets my cock hard and precum dripping and I know I’m not alone in that.

It might be because I’ve had so much fun in these places. Perhaps it’s because I have so many good horny memories of hotel room muscle fun with guys who really know how to obey and satisfy me?

One of the first times I met a guy at a hotel room it was for a proper session of adoration, massage, masturbation, sucking and even anal fun too. It was the first time I’d ever let a guy fuck me like that, and he had a pretty fat cock too. Don’t worry though, I was in control, I never let another guy take control, I just let them think they have it.

This guy wanted to think that, at least some of the time. He was really into muscle worship and he loved guys worshiping him, but every now and then he liked to come to a bigger man like me and be treated like a slave.

It was one of the most insane nights of my life and I think we could almost have been kicked out for all the moaning and dirty talk. I still think about what the guy in the next room must have been thinking, I knew he was wanking off listening to us, how could he not?

It was an awesome night. He massaged every bit of my massive body, I fucked his face, I sucked him and edged his dick until he was begging for me to let him cum, but I wouldn’t. I made him take a break for half an hour before getting him hard again wanking him off, then I made him lay on the bed with his thick 7-inch cock pointing up while I slid down on his dick.

I don’t think we lasted too long, on the rare occasions when I actually sit on a cock it doesn’t take much time before my prostate is buzzing and my cock is launching cum out all over the place. I bounced on his dick for a bit and wanked off, then I made him fuck me from below.

I slid up off him just in time, he grabbed my cock and started sucking one of the biggest loads I’ve ever shot right out of my cock while I was wanking him off and his dick started spewing cream all over the fucking place. We were drenched in jizz by the end of it and we had to take the sheet off the bed because it was so wet! He did a good job drinking my load though, I missed a lot of it, flooding out of his mouth and down his chin to his big chest where his own cum was splashing down, but he managed to drink most of it.

That wasn’t the last cum load we both shot in that hotel room muscle session, after a bit of posing for each other we were soon rock hard again and ready to work on a second load.

See what I mean? I think that’s why hotel rooms are so fucking hot for me. I might have to call him up and see if I should book a room this weekend! 🙂

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