How I became a muscle man show off

I guess it’s obvious that I’ve been a muscle man show off for a while, but I wasn’t always this way. When I was younger I was weak, skinny, insignificant. After playing footie with my mates I would be the shy one in the showers while they would be swinging their dicks around and laughing, talking about sex and getting stiff.

My attitude started to change when I really got into working out. My body started to bulge all over, other guys started commenting on how much I was gaining and how impressive I looked. A lot of things went into making me the performer I am today, but one of the most important was catching a guy enjoying the sight of my body a little too much in the gym showers.

The gym I was going to back then had big open showers, not like a lot of them are now with the little cubicles. I wasn’t shy any more, being much bigger than I had been when I’d started. I walked into the bit tiled room at the end of my training session and I thought no one else was around, but after a couple of minutes soaping up I turned to see one of the other guys about ten feet away under another shower.

I’d seen him a few times, maybe talked to him in passing once. He was an older guy, big but not quite as big as me. The most obvious thing about him was that he had a thick cock, long and reaching out in front of him. When he turned to the side it was obvious he was getting hard really quickly.

I knew he’d been checking me out and I liked it. There was a sudden thrill at the realisation that just the sight of my smooth and muscled physique had made another man uncontrollably horny. I caught him looking over and stroking himself a couple of times, then he flexed for me, grabbed his dick and slid his foreskin back to show off the big round head of his cock, rubbing it with his fingers.

Of course, discovering I’m a muscle man show off in that very moment, and being so damn horny after my workout too, I was eager to put on a little performance of my own. My dick rose up in a matter of seconds while I flexed for him, performing the moves I’d practiced in front of my mirror after watching some physique shows.

He was loving it, flexing his arms, making his abs ripple, grabbing his cock, wanking himself, spurring me on to do more. I stroked, flexed, stroked some more…

I don’t know if he shot a load, but I did. After a few minutes of posing and performing, rubbing my soapy dick and tugging on my nuts my cum started spewing out in a big arc in front of me while he was frantically stroking his own and making his heavy balls swing and slap around. It was one of those cum loads that really wipes you out. My muscled legs twitched and vibrated while semen flew through the air in front of me.

The second I was done shooting my cum out, squeezing the last of it from my shaft, I walked out of there to take a piss, with a massive grin on my face knowing that he’d be annoyed that I hadn’t watched him shoot off too.

That was one of the experiences that made me who I am now, the alpha male you see before you, the confident guy who loves being watched and appreciated. It’s also one of the moments that made me realise I could control other guys so easily, without even touching them, sometimes without them even knowing it. Just the sight of my incredibly vascular body and my long, solid cock can make so many guys my bitch.

You’d be my bitch too, right?

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