A good buddy to stroke my muscle cock with

You're a good buddy to have around, you don't give me any bullshit and I know I can trust you to tell me the truth even when it's something I probably don't want to hear. That's why you could be so honest and tell me when you saw my girl cheating on me with another guy. It's a good thing you told me when you did, I was planning to go over there and fuck [...]

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Work my footballer cock

When he arrived as our new massage therapist I could tell that he was gonna be fun. I never really had any reason to get a rub down after the game, but when I saw that guy I knew something was up and he would treat my body right if he had the chance. I was proven right a couple of weeks later when I managed to get half an hour on his table. The [...]

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Worship my rugby muscle

You know what us rugby muscle hunks are like, we don't give a fuck about anything. We're all about playing hard on the pitch, and playing even harder off of it. We don't care about labels and shit like that, if we want to get off we just go for it, and we always want to get off. You wouldn't believe the fun we have in the showers after a good game. You think that [...]

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Muscle slave made to cum

It's the middle of the night, my house is silent, but I know something is wrong. I'm naked as I leave the bedroom and step out into the dim light of the living room, and then I find you. I don't know how you got in, but I've caught you searching through my stuff. I'm about to knock you out when I'm paralyzed, it happened so quickly and I don't know how, but I'm stuck, [...]

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