Verbal cock play domination from a real Alpha

A few weeks ago this guy got in touch with me after another dude I know sent him my number. I got a few pics from him and I was pretty impressed, this guy is almost as big as I am. Almost. He works as a doorman, he's got a military background, and if you know anything about the kinds of guys I happen to meet you're probably already guessing that he's into being dominated [...]

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Beg for my Alpha Cock

You guys already know that I get a lot of attention when I'm out, right? When I'm at the gym, or the pub, I get a lot of looks. It's mostly guys wanting to be me, but I've learned to tell the difference between that and curiosity or cock lust. A couple of days ago I was at the pub with a buddy of mine and this other guy was getting a good look. My [...]

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My morning boner needs a good workout

I can guess that most of you start your day with a good long cock stroke, right? My morning boner is a determined one, if I don't stroke my cum out first thing then my dick will be leading me to work, or the gym, refusing to quit until I give it the attention it needs. Of course, that can be a good thing, I've found more than a few buddies wanting to help me [...]

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Ball sniffing cock lover likes my scent

A few years ago I worked out that the smell of the locker room is something that never fails to get my cock rock hard. I know I'm not the only one, the gym I go to is pretty well known when it comes to stiff dicks being on display in the locker room and showers. There's a steam room too and although not many guys use it you can be almost guaranteed to get [...]

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