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It's been a few months since you moved in and I have to admit it's been cool having someone else around the place, especially someone as into working out as I am. It's been going well, and I'm glad we got over the challenge of sharing the bathroom in the mornings. The sight of another cock never bothered me and being on show around other men has never been a problem. But, walking into my [...]

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Jerking off with a bodybuilder cock buddy

You would be surprised how many men in the world of bodybuilding are really into posing for each other and putting on a show. Appreciation for size, definition and strength is common among competitors at events and even though most of them would never admit it they love checking out a fellow competitor when they get the chance. I have a few great buddies in the business who love it too. They're the guys backstage [...]

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Obey Your Muscle Daddy

I've seen you a few times out on the street, you always looked at me like that but you never showed how willing you were until today. Grabbing your long cock through your trackies while I walked by sweaty from the gym was all the signal I needed to invite you in. You say you admire my size and strength, but I know it's more than that. I can see your cock getting hard and [...]

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Oiled muscle cock cum edging

When I get this horny I need to really spend a long time working my oiled muscle cock and properly working up my load with a good cum edging session. I do it a lot when I'm on my own, but when I have a cock slave like you to show off for and control it makes it so much better. I woke up this morning with my cock dripping precum, but I managed to [...]

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