Muscle top needs your warm hole

Believe it or not, there are guys I meet up with who only want to see my body and watch me flex. There's a new guy I started performing private shows for a few months ago who just sits there and watches me working out, then admires my physique and feels all my muscles. He never touches my stiff cock, or his. He can sit there for an hour with his dick dripping precum and [...]

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Overpowered by wrestling domination

I could tell Richard was into me the day I met him. I'd just started at a new gym closer to work and I was putting in an extra hour a day at the end of my shift. I would arrive in the afternoon and he would be there killing time, watching me from a distance. I guess he was just one of those curious guys to start with, but it all changed when we [...]

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Muscle Tradie Cock Tease

Obviously you guys know about the fetish a lot of guys have for hard working men. I know a lot of Brit men who love getting owned by a working class lad, but that translates to other nations too. In the US a lot of guys love blue collar workers, sweaty and muscled, rugged guys who like to just get off. Then there's the Aussie men who love some good tradie cock, servicing builders, plumbers [...]

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