Overpowered by wrestling domination

I could tell Richard was into me the day I met him. I’d just started at a new gym closer to work and I was putting in an extra hour a day at the end of my shift. I would arrive in the afternoon and he would be there killing time, watching me from a distance. I guess he was just one of those curious guys to start with, but it all changed when we shared a cock show in the showers one afternoon. Just a little friendly dick stroking in front of each other was all it took and he was opening up to me about being into watching my body moving.

It turned out he’d secretly been interested in wrestling domination for a while and he’d been imagining what it would be like to be overpowered by a real Alpha.

You know me, any chance I can get to show off for a horny audience I’ll take it, so I invited him back to my place to enjoy a little muscle show. I hadn’t planned to make it a wrestling domination session when I invited him back, I just wanted to get off and give a new dude a good show, maybe get him hooked on my cock, but it turned into a lot more than that.

I was still dripping with sweat when I started, slowly peeling off my clothes and making every muscle bulge. He was hypnotized quickly, the shape of his cock rising up in his trackies. I told him to get his dick out and stroke it for me and he obeyed, showing me a 7-inch rod of pink manmeat that was constantly leaking clear pre.

I knew he was almost ready to start cumming when I got close enough for him smell my sweat and feel my hardness. I made him stop jacking it when I got my own cock out and started slapping it against his skin, banging our boners together and playing with his own cock just a little.

The fun really got going when I got the mat out and invited him to wrestle. We only used a little bit of oil but it was enough and soon our bodies were slipping and sliding over each other. It wasn’t hard to pin him down, he was an athlete but no match for my sheer size and strength.

The moment I had him on his back, our hard cocks grinding together, my face in his and his entire frame trapped under me I knew I’d made his fantasy come true.

When he started groaning I humped my hips faster and made my big dick grind against his, within a few moments he was crying out and I could feel his cock convulsing against mine, pinned between us, cum flooding from his swollen tip and drenching both our stomachs. My own dick immediately started splashing semen out too, adding to the mess. I love frotting, especially when a guy is cumming and I’m total control, so you can imagine we both shot a lot of cum between us and our abs were sticky and slick with all the goo we’d pumped out.

I’d had some great wrestling domination sessions with other guys before but it was a day of first time action for him, but I knew when he jacked off again in my shower just watching me that he would be back for another experience.

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