You crave my Alpha male cum

If I could bottle my jizz and sell it as an elixir I would, and I bet I would have plenty of buyers. It's like a magic potion, or at least a few guys like to think it is. One in particular craves it on a regular basis and he's determined to convince me that my Alpha male cum is what's making him train harder and get bigger every week. I'm inclined to think that [...]

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Suck my veiny cock lad!

I remember being your age, full of attitude and overflowing with arrogance, I guess no one has put you in your place yet? You should have known when I opened the door that I wasn't gonna be interested in what you're selling after you've rang the bell ten fucking times, but I am interested in something else. You caught me at the right time, in the middle of a shower and hard as a rock. [...]

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My prime British muscle cock needed sucking!

I travel a lot, and over the years I've learned one very important lesson - if you stay in high-quality hotels there's always a "fixer" ready to get you whatever you need, almost without limit. The first time I discovered this I was in Paris for a business meeting and got to the hotel desperate to hook up and get my British muscle cock drained by an experienced and hungry sub. I told the guy [...]

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Good sub, work that bodybuilder cock while you worship me

I don't usually invite subs into my bedroom. Most don't get past the hallway, or at most the living room, before they're on their knees and begging to worship my incredible body and suck the load out of my big bodybuilder cock. You should consider yourself lucky that you've been invited in, but I think you're gonna serve my purpose well enough and make it worth my time. That's it, stand there and watch while [...]

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