You crave my Alpha male cum

If I could bottle my jizz and sell it as an elixir I would, and I bet I would have plenty of buyers. It’s like a magic potion, or at least a few guys like to think it is. One in particular craves it on a regular basis and he’s determined to convince me that my Alpha male cum is what’s making him train harder and get bigger every week. I’m inclined to think that it’s the placebo effect, but I do know that my big loads of cream are packed with protein and a hard working man like him needs as much of that as he can get.

Having something he wants so badly is a great way to exert control over him. I love that part of it, the weak look on his face when he’s pleading for me to give him my cock. He loves to suck it right out my cock head while he’s wanking.

He’ll do almost anything I ask when he’s kneeling in front of me, his fat and veiny dick in his hand slowly stroking and dribbling precum. On evenings when he doesn’t have to be anywhere else I can make him cook for me, naked of course, and he’s hard the whole time. More than a few times I’ve made him wash me in the shower, soaping up my entire body, using a whole bottle of gel, but I have to control him well to stop him from wanking and sucking me to get my load before I’m ready to give it to him.

When I’m satisfied that he’s been a good boy I’ll let him really start to explore my massive body and have some fun, under my direction of course. Usually by that time my big dick is so hard I could start cumming at any moment, but I don’t let him know that. It’s important to maintain dominance with a guy like him. Even if I want to cum so badly I think I’ll drown if I wait any longer I have to stay in control.

One of the best ways to do that is by surprising him and not giving him my Alpha male cum load at the end of it all. It’s a risky move, especially if he’s been there worshiping me for an hour or more, licking my nips and tonguing my sweaty pits, rimming my muscle ass and frotting his dick against my solid body, but making him watch while I waste my cum by spunking into my shorts or a towel can really put him in his place.

It’s even worse for him if I lick up my load myself. I’ve done that a few times, letting him watch me shooting my juice into my hand and then slurping it all up.

He might be shooting off his own cream watching me do it but I can see he’s angry at the end of it all. I just smile at him and promise him the next load, if he’s good.

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