Video Blog – Pure Animal!

I’m getting more and more video requests from you and they are all awesome! I’m loving their openness, candidness and diversity too! So many different ideas of sensual and sexual pleasure out there and all of them coming my way from you, my amazing fans and followers! I’m loving the subjects you’re discussing with me and together we are going to make some amazing fantasies come to life! You never have to hold back with [...]

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Video Blog – My Horny Big Blue Bulge

So now you know that LYCRA just happens to be the favourite material I like to feel against my skin! I don’t know why but it’s one of the most sensual experiences I can think of! My massive muscles pressing against that tight, stretchy fabric is a feeling like no other! The restriction of my usually exposed pumped PECS, boulder SHOULDERS and shredded ABS, tightly imprisoned in lycra makes the sexual juices flow even harder [...]

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I am under no illusions as to why you are here and I love it! You’re here because you like to look of me. You’re here because you like massive musclemen. You’re here because you know that Joshua Armstrong has got the the body you want and can give you satisfaction like no one else. I know this and I’m more than happy to give you exactly what you’re looking for! As I said before…I [...]

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I’ve built my body to huge proportions! You’ve seen me in my photos and my videos so you know what you’re going to get from the UK’s #1 MUSCLEGOD! You also know that I’m continually working my arse off in various gyms to make sure that my physique is in tip-top condition so that when you contact me with your requests I can give you exactly what you want and need. Let’s be honest here [...]

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