Doctor Lawson…Shit This got HOT

This Embedded VIDEO IS VERY SANITISED for youtube, check the one in the product preview for the REAL thing. Now in the Members Area + Shop.. And I have uploads lined up for the entire weekend which will top this.. I'm not sure how but they just might do it, this is my HOTTEST video to date Doctor Lawson wants to test my blood pressure first... But he gets me flex each arm?! what's that [...]

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COCKY TALKING ALPHA MUSCLEGOD SHRINKS FRIEND REGISTER FREE NOW!!! Full movie is 11:41 (Min:Sec) COCKY TALKING ALPHA MUSCLEGOD SHRINKS FRIEND Extreme Cocky Talking Alpha Muscle God..Flexing to the extreme We are good mates..however I Notice an attraction? The More I notice it, the cockier I get I taunt, and really get off on the fact how awesome it would be to feel my muscles and be in the presence of my strength. I confront him.. and make it 10x worse [...]

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