Cocky Bicep Flexing @ Youtube.. Videos to roll out over the next 2 days

Requests rolling in.. but I'm going to get extra, pumped hot and horny before I knock up my next video's as these are of the erotic persuasion ;)..however in the interim I thought I'd embed this little YouTube promo and let you know i've got some uploads coming into the members area + shop very shortly :) Josh xx

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I will be applying my SKYPE ID & Snap-chat for Inner Circle members to see in your active resources very shortly :) #### I am face to face with the IDIOT who bullied me in high school... I show my 'Clark Kent' side until I decide to show off my REAL power. I cant hold it in, my flexing gets harder,longer and dirtier. The blood is pumping through my veins from all the bottled up [...]

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Saturday night for you, I've gotta deliver :D Full movie is 10 minutes 17 seconds Hot boy in hot jeans teasing the warmth straight out of you ;) a hot, dirty talking hulk CLICK HERE TO VIEW FILTHY TALKING TSHIRT RIP Will get instagram integrated to the page tomorrow (hopefully) and get some live skype cam in come catch me tomorrow @ Skype (joshuaarmstrong1989) Josh xx

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Getting my bare arse tanned while uploading you this hot video GO TO THE SHOP TO DOWLOAD IT ;) Download it now or register up to enjoy it as much as i did making it ;) weekends website coding plan is to integrate instagram to the front page as the hot content is already lined up ;) all types of membership options available :) josh xxx

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