I will be applying my SKYPE ID & Snap-chat for Inner Circle members to see in your active resources very shortly 🙂

I am face to face with the IDIOT who bullied me in high school… I show my 'Clark Kent' side until I decide to show off my REAL power.

I cant hold it in, my flexing gets harder,longer and dirtier.

The blood is pumping through my veins from all the bottled up anger.

I get SO angry I come out of my shirt, in fact I come out ALL my clothes to show this idiot who's boss by taunting my Adonis Physique…

And my no longer school boy c*ck.

Got my development version of this website ready to publish just going to test it myself very thoroughly next week, have loads of new integration plugins..not only have I been working hard with my muscles but also with my noggin this weekend.. I want to take my muscle world wide but I cannot do it without you!

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