Bodybuilder cum is good for you!

If you ever get the chance you should drink a bodybuilder cum load, especially if it comes from a cock like mine. It's packed with goodness, it's so tasty, and it might help you become a real man, like me. Alpha men who work out hard sometimes do it, jerking out their cream and licking it up. I've heard things about it from other guys, men who have real power and strength, almost as godlike [...]

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Muscle man pecs and a stiff cock

When soldiers are getting caught by the enemy it's a good thing our government has real agents like me ready to come and save that arse. They use bullets and bombs, I use my power and strength to seduce and control. It's a fair trade, I'll perform and give the despot what he secretly craves in exchange for granting his captive's their freedom. To be honest, I enjoy it. It's such a turn on having [...]

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Straight man made to suck cock!

It's a big secret that most guys won't ever admit, but they love seeing a big hard cock on a massive muscle God like me. I see those guys all the time a the gym - they watch me, they follow me around, they even come into the showers when I go and finish up just to see my dick swinging. I love getting hard and seeing them getting stiff and trying to hide it. [...]

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Jerking Off In Jeans

It's been a hard day at work so far, but I know how to reward myself. It's time for a break, slipping off my jacket and unbuttoning my shirt, flexing my massive muscles and showing off my ripped abs. All day everyone has been checking out my arse in my tight jeans, admiring my cock bulge too. It always makes me so horny when I'm getting so much attention. Join me as I deliver an [...]

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