Muscle domination with poppers

Is there anything hotter than having someone under your complete control? I love it, I really get off on the feeling of being in control and having someone obeying my every command no matter how dirty and horny it might be. It's not hard to find someone willing to take instructions and be my bitch, especially with all the submissive guys I know. Muscle domination is all about being superior, something that isn't hard for [...]

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Protein From An Alpha Male God

Two years ago a neighbor's younger brother came up to me out in the street and started asking about how he could become a powerful muscle man like me. He was a runner, a footballer, and he was pretty fit already, but he wanted to be a big alpha male god like me (doesn't every guy?) You guys know I never miss out on an opportunity to educate a young man in the art of [...]

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Straight roommate & a naked bodybuilder

Imagine you've lived on your own for years and then one of your buddies breaks up with his girlfriend and needs somewhere to stay. If you're a good mate you'd let him come and use your spare room, or sleep on the couch, until he can get things sorted out, right? I'm a good mate, so that's what I did when one of my good gym buddies broke up with his girl. I didn't think [...]

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Getting some help with my gym boner

Even if I have a wank before I leave my house for a workout session I always get a gym boner that needs attention. I'm not alone in that of course, most guys who really push themselves and put in the work get really turned on. If you pay attention like I do you'll see plenty of guys trying to hide their hard cock in the showers or the locker room. Then there are guys [...]

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