Worship my sweaty muscle man arm pits

There are a lot of different things my adoring worshipers love to see, and I love to deliver it whenever I can. There are so many fetishes and interests out there, and I've discovered a lot of them through my interactions with guys who just want to enjoy my incredible body in a full-on worship session. One of the hottest things for me is when I have a dude ready to enjoy my muscle man [...]

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Muscle man jerk off after the gym

While there's no doubt I always look amazing I'm at my best after a good work out. My muscle man jerk off shows are famous for that very reason. The buzz I get from a great session at the gym lasts for a while, and it's always great to share that horny feeling I get with other horny guys. It needs to be the right guy, though. I like to have someone to properly appreciate [...]

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Muscle stripper up-close

I have a muscle stripper buddy who does shows around town. He's a really good performer and he's got everything a guy needs to put on an amazing performance. He gets bookings every weekend for the gay clubs and hen parties, everyone wants to see him on stage and doing his thing. It's probably not too surprising considering he's so muscled and hung. I went to a couple of his shows before, helped out behind [...]

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Fully experienced in muscle cock worship

Everyone knows I love stroking my cock, I enjoy my own big dick several times a day, even when I have someone around regularly to satisfy my needs. I just really enjoy pleasuring my stiff length and getting my cum squirting out in big loads. All this self-appreciation has served me well and made me something of an expert in pleasure. Of course, solo stroking it great, but it's definitely better when there's someone else [...]

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