You all know I’m a gym addict. I love everything about the “Palace of Iron” and have done since I was 14 years old! I don’t know what it was that first got me into lifting but all I know now is that I could not live with it! It’s a huge part of my life and it’s made me the huge man I am today! It’s an amazing feeling walking into the gym and commanding the respect of everyone who’s there! I know they all admire me – many actually tell me how much I inspire them – and it’s good to know that my muscular frame is the envy of so many! I also love to train and improve every aspect of my physique..growing bigger PECS, cutting deeper ABS and making my SHOULDERS even more boulder like! I do this for my fans as well as myself because I want to have the kind of body that keeps each and every one of you satisfied!

This video also explores how my massive frame keeps me happy too! I think I’m entitled to some personal satisfaction considering all the work I put in to being the UK’s greatest MUSCLEGOD! My body turns me on as much as it does you and the title ‘FLEXING MAKES ME HARD” also gives you an insight into one of my own sexy fetishes! If you want to see the result of own muscular enjoyment I suggest you watch this video now! I think it’ll make your day a very special one indeed!

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