My body is what sets me apart from so many other men. I know you will agree with me when I say that I have built one of the most phenomenal bodies here in the UK and farther afield too. It’s not’s fact. I am very proud of the MUSCLE BEAST that I have become and it’s taken me 12 long, hard years to get to this level. 12 solid years of gym visits, constant diet changes and more has enabled me to sculpture a body that would be worthy of a place on Mount Olympus with the rest of the Greek Gods! With my shredded abs, pumped pecs and huge boulder shoulders, I would give Adonis a run for his money in the Deity stakes!

There’s so much of JOSHUA ARMSTRONG for you to enjoy, the problem can be where to start. In those cases, I’m gonna tell you exactly what to do to make the pleasure as intense as possible! In fact, in EVERY ENCOUNTER I have I will take the lead and make sure there’s total satisfaction for everyone! Take this new video as an example; my boy is infatuated with my manly, hairy ARMPITS and I’m only too happy to guide him around them so we both get exactly what we want and need! To see how this progresses, u’ll have to watch the entire video and enjoy every aspect of this stunning part of my anatomy and more!

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