There’s nothing better for an Alpha God like me than finishing up at the gym feeling massive and pumped and having all those admiring eyes admiring my physique. I always see it when guys watch me walking around the gym, my muscles bulging and my cock swinging heavy and loose in my trackies, visible to them as I move.

They can’t resist watching me as I flex my muscles and tease them with my power and strength. I don’t even need to be posing for them; even if I’m just stretching I know they’re staring and admiring me, wanting to feel me, explore every inch of my body… wanting to be me.

I know they want to see me flexing every muscle right in front of them, their own private muscle show, so close they can smell my masculine scent. But, they’re too scared to ask me, they know I’d make them beg for it and they’d feel weak and pathetic.

You can have it, though, I know you want to really worship me the way I need to be worshiped as I show off my massive body for you, my pecs bulging and my obliques shredded, my abs rippling and my cock starting to throb.

I love showing you, and you love appreciating me as you feel my rock hard pecs in your hands, brushing my stiff nipples, running your fingers down my body to where my cock is just as hard as the rest of me, waiting for you to worship it too.
As my trackies come down and my rock hard dick springs up, you have permission to worship that too.

After enjoying my body like that you know you have to finish me off the right way, so get to it and satisfy me!

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