Life is full of questions. Questions posed to us by other people and also, those we put to ourselves. I guess it’s all part of being an adult and trying to make the correct decisions so that we can make the right moves in progressing with our lives. Should I resit that exam? Should I learn to drive? Can I really do the new job I’ve just been offered? Can I lift heavier than I am? Am I making the most of my life? Questions, questions, questions! It’s a never ending cycle because once one is answered, the next one seems to come along so quickly! Surely things don’t have to be so difficult..?

Well, let me try to help you out on this very subject with my brand new video! It’s all about something you all love…JOSH’S BODY! You’ve seen my massive guns, pumped pecs and shredded abs. You’ve seen me flexing my massive back and working my boulder shoulders, so the next step here should be quite simple for you. In fact, I’ve made things a whole lot easier by keeping my questions to simple “YES/NO” answers but…what exactly am I asking you? If you want to find out and give me the responses I’m looking for, then watch the video now! The rewards for the right answers might be just what you need…

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