Sometimes a video request is sent to me and it really makes me gasp with pleasure and anticipation! This was one of those occasions! Not one, not two, but multiple fetishes all rolled into one sexy idea! Now – who could not be excited by that! It got my mind racing and I knew that this was going to be one hell of a turn-on for everyone!

Not only does this video involve my massively pumped PECS and juicy NIPPLES, it also has the added pleasure of the cold sexiness of ICE being used on my alpha body and also the out and out seduction of a straight mate of mine! Putting all these fantasies into action and also showing off my shredded ABS and more into the bargain was a real experience and I know my mate enjoyed it too! If you want to know just how much pleasure we both got from this sexy experience then you have to watch this video now! You are definitely going to enjoy this one!

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