It’s not all about brawn. It’s about brains too! I’m one of the lucky ones…I have both! I don’t mean to sound arrogant but my record speaks for itself. I hold down an incredibly good job in IT which I’ve worked extremely hard for over the years plus I’m a beast in the gym making all kinds of gains! BRAINS plus BRAWN…is there anything sexier?

This new video is called “THE PERFECT CATCH” and it’s the perfect description of your favourite MUSCLEGOD! With Josh around, you get intelligence, good looks and a killer body packed with awesome muscle! I’ve trained every part of myself – PECS, SHOULDERS, ABS, BACK and MORE – to give the ultimate pleasure to those who want to worship me! Add into this my very special domineering and masculine attitude and you really don’t need anyone else! Take a look at this video now and see exactly how JOSHUA ARMSTRONG is….THE PERFECT CATCH

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