There’s that very special person who we know that, romantically and physically, we just can’t live without! I’ve had that special person in my life so I know these feelings. The one who makes me work harder, train harder and love harder! The one who loves my mind as well as my body..and let’s face it, with these awesome pecs and shredded abs there’s alot to love! It’s a real turn-on knowing that every minute I spend in the gym perfecting my physique is going to be appreciated by that special person. Just check out this new video and you’ll see that after some time apart from that special one, those feelings just get stronger and stronger and the sexual tension and energy grows more and more intense. When I tell this person “I MISS YOU”, you can be assured of an electric encounter where we both make up for lost time! Take a look now and see just how powerful and sexual I can be during those extremely intimate moments

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