For me, there is NOTHING like training in the gym! I love it all – the smell, the atmosphere, the buzz and when I’m in the mood I can’t get enough of training with some of my best mates! You know I’m usually a solitary bodybuilder but there are times when a pal or two ask me to train with them and help them out! In those instances I’ll always be right there with them – I know they admire me, respect me for what I’ve achieved and most of all…I know they are fucking jealous of this amazing body!

Yes, even my closest pals look at me with a certain degree of envy. They want a body just like mine – massive PECS, shredded ABS, boulder SHOULDERS! I must admit it gives me a buzz knowing how much I am admired and I don’t mind telling them too! It’s just banter..isn’t it? Maybe this new video says otherwise and maybe my cocky confidence can be too much for some people! Just check out the video and see for yourself..see how Joshua is surprisingly “GAGGED BY HIS OWN JOCKSTRAP!

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