Sometimes we all need something primal to satisfy our basic needs and desires. Don’t get me wrong here, I believe that there is always a place for “Loving” of the soft and sensual nature in the right circumstances, but on other occasions when the mood takes us, I think we all need something more powerful! As civilised as we are as human beings we all possess that ache deep inside us that can only be satisfied in a “rough and rugged” way!

When you’re built like JOSHUA ARMSTRONG, sometimes rough and rugged is the ONLY way to achieve total satisfaction! Unshaven and packed with muscles from head to toe, this adonis-like frame often craves that kind of action! PECS and ABS of steel, massive SHOULDERS and powerful GLUTES are more than ready to perform and this video will prove that to you! I’m tough, I’m verbal… I’M POWERFUL! The title says it watch me in pure, animalistic action!

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