It’s been said before… “Clothes maketh the man”. It’s a true statement. A well cut pair of trousers and a nice pair of shoes can make any man look half decent. A good sweater and nicely fitting shirt can elevate the most modest looking man into someone who could catch the eye! Sometimes though, once you see the person who has grabbed your attention because he looks so damn good, you really start thinking….I wonder if he looks that good undressed too! Remember the Shakira tune “Underneath Your Clothes”? Listen to the words because she was right…

I’m the kind of man who likes to look good all the time. In AND out of clothes. I know that people run their eyes over me when I’m out and about, longing to know just what my amazing physique looks like when the clobber comes off! It’s the theme of this new video! My massive pecs and boulder shoulders are bulging through my shirt and jumper and my lad just can’t wait for me to rip them off and reveal all! I give him that pleasure? Is he worthy of that kind of attention? You’ll have to watch and find out for yourself!

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