When it comes to Life’s friendships I have always believed that quality is better than quantity every time! I’m not one to surround myself with hangers-on or false mates. I KNOW the genuine people in my life and I keep them close and treat them as I would want to be treated and that is with respect and love. My friendship circle isn’t big but it’s REAL! I know my pals have got my back, which let’s face it is pretty spectacular and I’ve always got theirs. My time is theirs when they need me – I would NEVER let them down and they will always support me no matter what.

It’s relevant talking about all this with my new video in mind! Male posturing between two friends becomes a lot more intense and sexual when the subject of MUSCLE comes up! Does this lad really think his body is better than mine? Does he really think my dinner-plate PECS and cut-glass ABS can be beaten? Does he believe his puny GUNS are superior to mine? Come and see exactly what happens during this “HEATED CHALLENGE”! There’s power, domination and verbal action too..exactly what you like! Click the link now!

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