Being who I am and how I look, it’s pretty understandable that I get challenged to many different things. In every aspect of my life, I am pushed to the limit by people who want to test my abilities! I’ve gotten used to it, especially in the gym where people think they can get the better of me! They see me – JOSHUA ARMSTRONG – and immediately they want to set me tasks to see just how powerful and alpha I can be! Let me tell you this – I NEVER refuse a challenge! This adonis-like physique with it’s shreds and cuts is built for that kind of thing. I don’t need much of an excuse to rip my shirt off, show off my huge shoulders and chest and become totally primal, ready to step up to the plate and beat anyone who thinks they can better me at lifting heavy, squatting deep or even arm-wrestling! I’ve done it all and I’ve won every time! JOSH will never give in and will never be beaten!

So, with all that in mind just imagine my delight when this video request came in! One of things that I am most known for and also admired for is the amazing conditioning of my cut-glass abdominal muscles! You’ve all seen them, you all know how incredible they are! For some reason, this lad thinks they need to be put to the test and I’m more than happy to oblige! If you want to see the results of this challenge and how things progress, then all you have to do is watch this powerful video! YOU are really going to enjoy this one!

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