We all have our roles in life. We all have our roles at work and at play. We all have our roles in relationships. It’s in our DNA as to which role we adopt. Leaders and followers. Bosses and workers. Alpha and Omega. Dominant and submissive. When you look at JOSHUA ARMSTRONG it’s pretty obvious as to which way the coin turns! This body, these muscles, this attitude…it all screams “MASTER” and you all love it! From head to toe..I AM IN CONTROL!

I’ve learned that some people need stricter instructions than others. Some lads need to be shown in no uncertain terms that when they have a BOSS like JOSH, there’s no messing around and no room for error! Yes, I’m tough and demanding and the worship of my amazing body has to be totally to my satisfaction but the rewards are second to none. For a lesser human to be allowed to touch these massive PECS, caress these shredded ABS, taste these manly PITS – how fucking amazing is that eh! It’s time for you to watch this new video to see just how far I will go and what means I will use to make sure my slave does exactly as he’s told and do exactly as I want! There can be NO limits!!

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