There’s alot to be said for the POWER OF PUMPED, HARD MUSCLE…no matter how much you think it can be resisted, if it’s what you truly want you’ll never be able to escape it. This fella thought he could.. But he was wrong…

To the outside world it seemed he had everything a man could ever want; a beautiful wife, three amazing children, a comfortable home and a good job. What more could anyone ever need? He’d worked hard to achieve everything he now had. Coming from a very ordinary working class background no one had given him anything except alot of love and encouragement which had helped him to achieve his success. Not only in the material sense either; it seemed his heart had been stolen by the woman who was always by his side and who had supported him in every way through the many hard and tough times that had gone before these so-called “halcyon days”.

Yes, he had everything. Or rather… that was the impression he always gave. That was what people saw. But things are never as easy or as obvious as they might seem…

Because, deep inside and kept to himself, there was something else. Something he could hardly bear to think about but something he knew he couldn’t ignore. Something that could blow his entire world apart and something that could rip out his heart and his soul too. He struggled day in and day out with it. To try to live with it within the confines of his marriage or to change everything and live with it openly and above all, honestly? Conflicting thoughts he constantly battled with, never knowing which way to turn or which road to take. His decency as a husband, father, son and human being was the very thing stopping him from facing up to his thoughts, his desires and even more so… himself.

His attraction to men had been a part of him for as long as he could remember. A glance at a neighbour, a look at a passer by in the street, a thought about someone at work. It had never been any other way, but his enjoyment in the company of women who he found equally attractive and sexually exciting allowed him to conform into a life of so-called “normality”. He had no trouble “pulling birds” at all – or bedding them.He enjoyed that but always knew there were other thoughts going round his head.As the years went by, these thoughts and desires grew stronger and stronger. They toyed with him, teased him and irritated him. For someone who was usually in control of every situation life had thrown at him, he was really at a loss as to what to do next.

It wasn’t just any man he wanted. It was a man built like a GOD. A true ALPHAMALE whose body had been sculptured and crafted from many sweaty hours spent in the gym and who was confident of his power over the lesser male. This Godlike being had been a figment of his imagination for so long. Did he really exist in the real World and if he did, was he worth risking everything for? Would the pleasure outweigh all else? Somehow he knew it could..and would..

After holding back for so many years he knew that he couldn’t wait any longer. The pure pull and desire of being with another man sexually was driving him nuts. He knew these feelings had to be satisfied and he had to do something about it NOW! Everything else was paling into insignificance. The love for his family and his life was still strong, but this was stronger. These feelings could no longer be ignored. He wasn’t prepared to push them away anymore. He had to start being true to himself and he had to start RIGHT NOW! But where to start looking for this man who had invaded his thoughts for so long?”

Ill tell you where, if you are this man. Look NO FURTHER, I am the true ALPHA MALE GOD. Everything you need is HERE!

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